All dressed up

Let’s Get All Dressed Up to Stay Home

Day 16, here we are!

It is time to train the strongest muscle, and possibly your worst enemy, your mind.  It is time to train it well.

Here are my Top Tips for working from home. I have been doing these for over 10 years.

Pre Covid-19, I did plan little outings, networking events, and lunch meetings to feel less isolated.  Well, that has changed, and we are no longer doing those things. I am sure most of you are accustomed to a corporate structure to anticipate each day.  Since most offices have directed employees to work from home, I thought I would give a few tips that I have learned over the years.


Get Dressed to Stay Home-


This one is SO important, especially now.  There are psychological changes that happen when you get dressed. You perform better when you are dressed for success.  It is mindset…your mindset. Getting dressed is a winning mindset.


Make The Bed


It doesn’t matter if you have a big house, little house, or apartment, this is a discipline that teaches  consistency and proves that you can do something over and over, even if you don’t want to. It prevents afternoon naps, and sets the tone for  accomplishing more tasks, and then another, and another….Plus, it just looks better.


Set a Routine


A routine brings a sense of normalcy.  There is nothing normal about this time. You will have to be disciplined to do this.  Going to bed at the same time, getting up on time, treating the work week like a work week (not one month Netflix holiday).  A morning routine is probably the most important one to protect or establish. I start the day with my coffee, list my gratitude, intentions, and tasks for the day….Errrrrrday.


What about the Kids? And the Husband? What if THEY Are Home?


This is especially distracing.  There is working in shifts, at a designated time, in rooms away from the common areas. We take BREAKS together, then return to our “corners”  (We are lucky with space. I work upstairs, DKC works in the basement, and we give the rest of the humans the main floor). Since there is no playdate 1:1 time, Do not beat yourself up over extra screen time.  This is the great equalizer, we are all (kids included) going to struggle and have to back track and re-learn. We are all in the same boat.


There Needs to be a Space For You


I started out at the dining room table, until it didn’t make sense anymore.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a desk or home office, just work from the same space each day, and designate it as you “work space”.  It won’t take long for your housemates to know that is your spot.


Don’t Just Sit…


Brendon Buchard (High Performance Habits) suggests setting a timer for 50 minutes.  Every 50 minutes get up, stretch, get a drink, close your eyes, breathe. This 3-5 minute break can do more for your productivity and sanity than anything.  There are times that I take conference calls and wash down floors, dust, fold laundry…even do squats or situps. Be creative and keep moving throughout the day.


Get Fresh


If you are able to, go outside for a walk and some fresh air.  Plan a daily walk, drive, or open the windows and let in the breeze.




Turn it On & Turn it Off


This is the hard one, have a start and stop time.  That said, you may have to make it look different depending on the season of life you are in.  When our kids were little, I would work an hour, and turn it off. I would wait for relief, DKC, and when he got home and could take over, I would turn it on again.  I had “Office hours’ that I tried to stick to. Now, I set work hours with breaks. I could find myself with my laptop at 10 or 11 at night sometimes. I set a start and end time to the work day. I do this with social media (for the most part) I turn my phone in at 8 o’clock.


Dial Up the Communication


Monday morning team meetings, 5:00 after hour cocktail hours, whatever…Zoom and Facetime are technology gifts for staying connected with coworkers and loved ones.  Out of sight, out of mind can make social distancing feel even more isolating. Be sure you are on “top of mind” and being extra communicative.


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Originally posted 2020-03-29 10:00:36.

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