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Scale and feet

Sometimes the scale does lie…

Question: Where on your body are you trying to lose fat?

This week, one of my clients asked me if it’s normal to NOT see the scale change despite eating healthy, working out and liking the way she is looking and feeling.  She didn’t have a lot of weight to lose when she signed up for SOS (Suz on Your Shoulder) and really was hoping to tone up so she could feel confident and fit. Now that she’s lost 7 pounds… the scale isn’t changing as much but she is noticing changes in her body.  Her bra is loose, her jeans are wiggly, and shirts don’t pull across her back when she is working at the computer. The old her would’ve been upset without seeing the scale change.  Here is what is happening: she IS making progress because she is losing body fat!

Here is the truth: weight loss is different from fat loss. As a Certified Nutritionist that specializes in weight loss, my 1:1 clients weigh themselves weekly and we use those numbers to guide my personalized recommendations when working together in my programs. Weight loss is so much more than just how much you weigh on the scale. In fact, I always tell my clients our number one goal is not just weight loss… it’s to create a body you feel confident and comfortable in and to have food peace no matter what number is visible on the scale!

The number on the scale does not tell you if you’re toned. This is the value of working 1;1,  when I explained to my client that although the number on the scale isn’t changing, her body is which 100% means she is making progress. That’s because when you eat the proper amount of food and strength train (even at home) you can lose fat while maintaining or even building muscle! As this happens, the scale may fluctuate with no significant changes BUT your body is going to look fit and strong!

Are you trying to lose fat so your arms and legs look toned and feel better?  Now’s the time to put in the WORK to lose that extra weight while we’re hibernating at home so you can come out of quarantine 2020 feeling like the most confident version of YOU! My 1:1 Program called Babysit My Plate shows you exactly how to lose fat by eating the right foods and making healthy food choices.

What is one thing (besides the scale) that you use to track and measure your progress or hold yourself accountable?

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Originally posted 2020-07-04 09:20:17.