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Top 5 Waistline friendly desserts that you will make even when you are not on a diet.
Finally, simple dessert recipes that actually taste good so that you have weight loss without compromising your lifestyle or giving up your sweet treats (even ones with chocolate).
If you are a woman who is struggling with your weight and tired of feeling fluffy, you already know that you’ll have to make changes to what you are currently eating.
Unfortunately, most people make the big mistake of piece-mealing a menu or program together that isn’t backed in science. Without knowing the right delicious foods to eat to rev your metabolism and have weight loss without hunger, you will waste more of your life feeling frustrated and stuck, and no closer to ending the dieting.
What most women do is continue to restrict their favorite foods, feel hungry all the time, and hate the way they look in pictures, not to mention DREAD the thought of having a picture posted on social.
But what if I told you that you could eat cannoli, peanut butter cookies, and waffles while still losing (or maintaining weight?) What if there were dessert and treat recipes that were kid-approved and simple that your family will be asking you to make over and over?
All your hopes and dreams of getting the body you dream of can actually happen while you enjoy the foods you are eating… it is not a unicorn!
That’s why I created this epic download: Top 5 waistline-friendly dessert recipes that you will make even when you are not on a diet.
It’s going to give you delicious recipes (some that are full of fiber) so that you don’t waste precious time, money, or calories on healthy food (desserts) that taste bad and keeps you from burning calories.
What if I told you that all you have to do is download this? It’s a $19 book that you can have for FREE!
Sign up for this FREE E-Book to get these simple dessert recipes that will help you burn body fat, eat foods you love, and save you from wasting time, money, and calories on food that tastes bad and spoils your hard work.



SOS is a subscription service that is all the stuff you should have been taught about how to eat broken down into 3-4 minute soundbites that are delivered right to your phone every day.


It teaches you how to think about food and then offers up practical and real tips with, meals, groceries, & snacks so that you start losing weight without hunger.


When you feel confused or overwhelmed by all the information on the internet, SOS is based on science and will keep pointing you in the right direction so you stay on track toward your weightloss goal. (Fitting into the jeans is a big one for most people).


It’s a complete nutrition course broken down into bite-sized pieces of information that you need to know to turn your health around.


Because SOS comes right to your text you save time and being overwhelmed! Imagine going from feeling frustrated and gaining weight to empowered and losing weight—FAST.


Simply listen to SOS each day, apply what you learn, and understand how to lose and then maintain your weight FOREVER, in just a few minutes a day!
SOS (Suz on Your Shoulder) lets you…
Lightning bolt Have weight loss without feeling hungry
Lightning bolt Teaches you what foods to eat, how to put together meals, what foods to buy
Lightning bolt Get you feeling calm and in control around food
LIghtning bolt Fit into those jeans from 2 years ago
Get instant access to…SOS emoji daily audio messages that will change how you think about food
(grocery bag) Practical Grocery Lists
(Snacks) weapons to fight midday hunger
(recipe card) Recipes that taste really good (some even have chocolate!)
(journal) A 2-month journal to help you track your day
Consider this your one-stop shop for all the things nutrition that you should have been taught when you were in high school. This is the foundation of what you need to know, in the right order, and what you must get right, to win at losing weight.
“With how busy life is, I have very little bandwidth for new things. I needed to take control of my health and weight. SOS taught me what I needed to know in a manageable format. I learned so much from her. That I hired her to work 1:1.” Amy T.
“The best $15 I ever spent. I feel it should cost more!” Maria M. “This isn’t like any solution I have tried before. I’m losing inches AND not hungry!” Jessica L. ********************** There are a few problems with all the programs out there, they are not based on science, they are temporary, and they don’t WORK.
Now, the good news is that you can learn how to eat to get the body you want and stop feeling terrible.
As a Nutritional Consultant and 10 years in the wellness space, I can teach you what it takes to start shredding inches and gaining control (Emoji of celebrating)
If you want weight loss without hunger or having to be a slave to the gym…
(SOS Emoji) You need to be taught how to think about food!
Picture walking into the room and you are the person that everyone is coming up to asking, “What are you doing?” because you are getting results and look and feel so good.
Imagine starting your day, loving to get dressed and ready because you can slip into your favorite clothes, and liking yourself! You like what you see in the mirror. You smile at yourself and feel confident and HAPPY!
What if a few weeks from now you notice that you feel more confident about yourself and when you get on the call, go to the meeting, see the girlfriend, you enjoy these moments more because you feel so much better about yourself?
That can be you! But you have to START TODAY!
All you do is press play, then listen & learn. You get actionable tips and strategies to get you moving toward success, immediately! This FREE, 7-Day trial is available to you, GET STARTED NOW!

PS. Don’t miss this! There is nothing else like it. This is the year that you champion your health. You can be the girl in the room that everyone is asking, “What are you doing? You look incredible and so HAPPY! Go check it out! It’s only $15 a month- but guess what? You get to try it for 7 days FREE!
2. It teaches you how to think about food and then offers up practical and real tips with, meals, groceries, & snacks so that you start losing weight without hunger
But wait! Don’t go… I have a special offer for you! We have a serious problem!
Nervous about going to events or the beach because your clothes are getting tight and the clothes you want to wear don’t fit. When you look in the mirror you feel ugly and discouraged about what you see. Getting ready for events just reminds you that you let yourself slip, and it makes you feel even worse than you already do.
The next step is for you to check your email, that’s where your download is headed and hanging out. If you don’t see it within the next 15 minutes, I suggest you check that Spam account or your promotions folder. If you still don’t see it, email me at so I can get you taken care of. GIF…. WAIT! DON’T GO!
These waistline friendly treats and desserts are recipes that you will make even when you are no on a diet! Be sure to print this before you forget! These are the dessert recipes that people request the very most. Now they are in one spot!
SOS (Suz on Your Shoulder) lets you…

Each of these are courses for the person who wants a little more than a bite (SOS) and a little less than personal 1:1 work (Babysit My Plate). These are video courses to teach you what you need to know to lose weight, end dieting, and create a lifestyle change that yields permanent results. Each of the 4 weeks in a Course will include a 20 – 30 minute video sent by Suz each Sunday with accompanying course notes and worksheets. It comes on Sunday because if a girlfriend were to stop by that day and help me with something I was struggling to understand, I sure would appreciate it.

This is a $49 value for $15 a month, and you get to try it out for FREE for 7 to see if it’s a fit! * RISK-FREE and you can cancel anytime!



“One huge, enthusiastic upvote for Suz. Her recommendations have helped me drop 45 pounds. She isn’t pushing products or recommending unhealthy fads, she’s changing the way you eat one two-minute tip at a time!”



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Suz On Your Shoulder (SOS)