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Top 5 ways to stay on track in December

Life is too short to settle for anything less than your personal best. I have a few tricks to hold myself accountable.  I’ll give you a peek into what I do, they might just help you!

I’ve always been a girl who “gets dressed” for whatever the day has in store.  This is a byproduct of my parents who always had us kids dress for success each day for school.  In college, I dressed for class. It put me in the right mindset for success. As a young teacher, I dressed each day for the children, I took my responsibility seriously as their role model.  (I was a first-grade teacher for 5 years and took to wearing teacher sweaters very seriously).

Even my years as a stay at home mom, I would work out and get dressed each day. It did wonders for my mindset and sense of personal self-esteem.    There has always been something to making an effort to feel pulled together when I do, I feel happier, stand taller (as if I need to ) and feel more confident throughout the day. This matters especially on the days when I am home and the kids are my human face-to-face contact.

The other reason I continue to get dressed each day? It keeps me accountable!  Nothing like well-fitting goal pants to help keep me in check!

To stay motivated and on track… here are my top 5 tips

#TransparentSet your intentions- what are your top 3 goals for the week? Write them down. Commit to them and honor them each day.  I keep these in my phone since I can count on that to be close by. Never settle. Mine can be as simple as setting intentions to eat protein, fat, and fiber at each meal, to drink 3 liters of water during the day, and to reach a minimum of 35 grams of fiber for the day.

#Transparent-2Refresh your memory. Open up the notes section of your phone where record those intentions.  Reread them each morning. I am often surprised at how my intentions slip my mind. This is especially valuable to refresh mid-afternoon just before the wheels fall off.

#Transparent-3Journal and plan ahead.  People who journal, practice gratitude and set goals are some of the most productive people.  When you are prepared, you are less likely to make poor, impulsive decisions. I even do this with grocery lists and meals I think I’ll make for the family. It is so much easier on my mind to write it in a journal (planner) than to try to keep it all stored in my head.

#Transparent-4Switch it up- You are never deprived of eating the #one80eating way. Protein, fat, & fiber is easily available and in every food group.  From staying in to dining out, you’ll never get bored of eating this way. Need some inspiration? Follow along on Instagram @CarpenterOne80.

#Transparent-5Hydrate- Drink at least 3 liters of water per day to prevent water retention and dehydration.  Did you know that thirst can mimic hunger symptoms?




These are all things I have to decide to do on purpose.  It is one step at a time. This list is just as you much for me as it is for me.  I need reminders, encouragement, and guidance to keep showing up each day, all day, honoring my intentions.

Let’s get up, get dressed, and go get it! We have a new DECADE to get ready for!

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Originally posted 2019-12-08 20:39:46.

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