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Top o’ the mornin’ to you.

Are you familiar with the story of the Claddagh and Blarney Stone?  Those who know me and DKC personally know that we wear Claddagh rings on our right ring fingers.  Mine was a gift from DKC only 2 years into dating. My DKC is on Claddagh #2, the first one was engraved with the hands, heart and crown and he wore it off.  We always wear these. The crown is for loyalty, the heart for love, and the hands for friendship. Folklore says that wearing it so that the point of the heart faces your shoulder means you are spoken for because the heart is full (picture the 2 hills that make up the full side of the heart).  If you are single, as a sign that you are available, you would wear it with the pointy side of the heart facing your fingertips. Meaning your heart is not yet full of love for someone else. It is a sweet story and has been a sort of crest for the two of us.

6925e78a-6a7f-4d39-808a-655ce3f21ca4As for the Blarney Stone, there is Blarney Castle in Ireland and stories say that if you lean backward (imagine you are standing and are going to do a backbend) and kiss the Blarney Stone, that you will have good luck.  Who doesn’t want the luck of the Irish? Well, that is the origin of our dog’s name. Blarney, we kiss him often for luck.

Enough about my love for things Irish and this holiday… how about some green superfoods that are perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Despite its religious roots, this holiday is known for green rivers and drinking green-colored beer.  Beach season is right around the corner, let’s celebrate the holiday with green superfoods! Think of them as grown up lucky charms.  These are full of superfoods (like antioxidants and essential nutrients) that will set you up for success well past St. Pat’s.

KIWI – This is a nutritionally dense fruit that is full of antioxidants.  Low calorie, full of fiber, potassium (more than a banana) and one kiwi hits your daily recommendation for vitamin C.

KALE – This sure has become a popular item.  It is packed with protein, fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamins A & C.  Vitamin A is a carotenoid that may help prevent macular degeneration (AMD).

Try replacing your potato chips with kale chips.  Break or tear the leaves into small pieces and drizzle with olive oil and favorite spices.  Bake for 10-15 min at 400.

SPINACH – If only we’d listened more closely to Popeye when we were little.  He knew what he was talking about. Spinach is a great source of iron, can be stored frozen or fresh, and is a fantastic base to a salad.  This is simple to saute as a healthy side-dish, booster to omelets or egg muffins, and even blended into a smoothie (you won’t be able to taste it).

PARSLEY –  Did you know this herb is packed with iron, antioxidants &  magnesium? This will freshen up salsa, salads, and soups. It is GREAT to combat bad breath from onions and garlic!

MATCHA – A new kid on the scene.  You may have heard about it, but not sure how to use it?  It’s not just for lattes! Try adding a teaspoon to the high fiber breakfast muffins or pancakes for a green superfood boost.

This is a finely ground green tea powder, so the whole leaf is used. With Green tea, it is not.  Matcha has 100 X’s the antioxidant power of green tea. There is a compound in Matcha that gives it the superfood status called EGCG.  It’s an antioxidant that has been shown to fight free radical damage to cells, protect the skin, lung, prostate, and liver from cancer.  There are also metabolism boosting properties to the EGCG found in matcha.

The moral to the story…get to know matcha!

Irish you good health, blessings, luck, and love.

Copy of XO,


What makes St. Pat’s a special holiday to you?


Originally posted 2020-03-08 18:24:51.

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