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Travel Snacks Small

Travel Snacks

It is not surprising that when I travel (or go anywhere for that matter) that I pack my staple foods, just like I would pack my staple tennis shoes, hairbrush, pj’s, makeup, etc.  When I travel, I take things with me that I know and love that is a part of how I do my life.  Food is no exception. I will certainly dine out, enjoy local favorites, but that is only a small part of the experience.

Imagine that you have sensitive skin and leave your makeup at home. It will be expensive to replace, time-consuming to find and purchase, and may not be what you are looking for… which could leave you with extra makeup that you don’t really want after you get home from the trip. That is the same for food and weight. If you don’t plan, you may not be presented with what best suits you. If you have to go looking in extra places (stores, restaurants, vending machines), you may not find what you are looking for, spend extra time and money (and frustration) looking for it, and possibly not find it. So, what you bring home could be unwanted extra pounds from unwanted foods. You know, when you are in vacay mode, the temptation to cut loose and go binge can be hard to resist.

I think of packing travel snack foods just like I would pack travel clothes and shoes that fit me!

This habit can help you to stave off little triggers of temptation that can set off a blood sugar spike and crash.

Here is my list of favorite travel snacks that save me time, money, and CALORIES!

  • GG Crackers
  • Salmon or Tuna Packets
  • Applegate Turkey Pepperoni
  • Laughing Cow Cheese
  • PB2
  • Almond Butter
  • All-Bran Buds
  • Nut Packs
  • Mini Fat Packs (like Wildflower Friends Almond Butter Packs)
  • Protein Powder
  • Unflavored Fiber

Other Perishable Snacks

  • Celery Slices (to dip in Almond Butter)
  • Fage Greek 0% yogurt


Pack your favorite protein powder and grab an iced coffee (no junk added) and mix that up!

If you are headed on a road trip, don’t forget a bowl and spoon. I am known to whip up yogurt, protein, & fiber powder, and PB2 while stopping for gas. This makes a huge portion, is filling, takes time to eat, and keeps me on track without cravings during long trips.

What are you packing for the summer road trip?

Copy of XO,

PS…Here is a link to my favorite high fiber foods!  This is my go-to list of high fiber foods.  I’ll take the guess work out of what to buy, and save you time and money!

Originally posted 2020-06-20 08:00:26.