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Why I Swapped to Clean Crafted Wines

Clean-crafted wine has been my thing for the last year since I discovered Scout and Cellar!  I know good things and get a kick out of sharing it with others so I knew that I had to share with you all these wines that we have been enjoying this summer.

I have been more than a little excited about these wines.  You might be wondering what “clean-crafted” really means and if it is possible for a wine to grow and then produced without all the extra sugar, chemicals & additives that make us feel headaches, puffiness, and stomachs the next day.

I am going to give you all the details and I want to answer some of the frequently asked questions that I get about the clean wine.  I will also share some of the bottles that are our favorites!

Since my career is helping women get weight loss results, and the majority of mass-produced wines have added sugar when I learned that these were organic and virtually ZERO net carbs, I was compelled.  The trick was, I am fussy about wine.  I didn’t like any of the organic sugar-free options available with other companies. I wasn’t hopeful about this line either. It is hard to find DELICIOUS clean wine.

To my surprise, this has exceeded my expectations.  What we (DKC included) found is that the wine is really good.  You won’t be left with wine headaches and migraines.  Imagine enjoying your wine without day after wine headaches and upset stomachs.

Here is why I am loving Scout & Cellar wines:

  • Naturally grown with NO synthetic pesticides (good grapes don’t need them)
  • ZERO grams of sugar
  • Low sulfites (most <50 ppm all must have <100 ppm.  As a reference point, the FDA allows up to 350  ppm:-)
  • Tended by actual farmers- not mass-produced by industrial agricultural methods
  • Sustainable, organic and/or biodynamic farming methods
  • ZERO added chemicals
  • Independently lab tested

Scout & Cellar Founder Sarah Shadonix has dedicated her life to taking the headaches out of great wine, literally and figuratively!

Sarah struggled with day-after headaches while studying to become a sommelier.  Rather than give up, she learned it was something in the wines, did her research, spoke with renowned naturopaths and medical professionals, and consulted with vintners.

She learned that there were 300 pesticides and 250 other chemical additives permeating almost all mass-produced wine.  Her mission is to discover and deliver a cleaner, healthier option to everyone.

The image above outlines the standards that allow for a wine to be considered “clean-crafted”.  Scout & Cellar doesn’t have its own vineyard.  Instead, they source from all over the world, creating and bottling wildly delicious wines with an authentic sense of plane and working directly with growers and farmers who embody the same clean-crafted commitment.

Sarah walks the vineyards, visits the cellars, and shares meals with the farmers.  The end result is a delicious wine that is better all-around- not just taste but for our bodies and our planet.

Q: Can I shop wine a la carte or do I need a subscription?

A: One of the things that I love most about Scout & Cellar is that you can shop individual bottles a la carte whenever you like.  No subscription or wine club necessary.

That said, if a  wine club is what you are looking for, they have something called Scout Circle.  You choose how many bottles you want, how often you receive them, and whether you want mostly white, reds, or a mix.

Signing up for Scout Circle is a great way to get free shipping on your wine PLUS try out circle exclusive wines that are not otherwise available.

My subscription is for 12 bottles of a mix of whites and reds, bi-monthly ( every other month ).  There is no commitment and no penalty for canceling if you decide you no longer want the subscription.

In addition to a Scout Circle membership, I can still shop a la carte whenever I feel like it.  I like having both.  It is a fun surprise to see which exclusive bottles come that we get to try.

Sign up for Scout Circle HERE

Shop More Clean Crafted Wine HERE


Q: I prefer sweet wines.  Are Scout and Cellar wines all dry or do they have sweet options?

A: Since none of the wine contains added sugar, they are on the drier side.  That said, there are varying amounts of residual sugar in each bottle, giving you an idea of which ones are sweeter vibes.


Q: Do they ship to all 50 states?

A: At this time, Scout and Cellar is unable to ship to the following states: Utah, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Delaware, Kentucky, and Arkansas.  They do not ship internationally.


Q: Where are the wines sourced?

A: From all over the world!  Scout and Cellar produces wines from the grapes grown in the best and still-being-discovered wine regions from Napa Valley to Willamette Valley to Mendoza, Argentina, to Provence, Span, and France to La Manca….and many places in between.


Q:  How do the verify that the wine is Clean-Crafted?

A: It’s a multi-part process that involves tasting for deliciousness and a sense of place, working with the farmer to understand their practices in the vineyard, verifying reports detailing the viticulture and vinification process behind each wine and conducting at least 3 distinct lab tests down to the parts per billion to confirm that there are no synthetic pesticides or chemicals present.  (Also that there is less than 100ppm of total SO2).


Q: What are sulfites?

A: Sulfites are naturally occurring antioxidant and antibacterial compounds found in grapes and are utilized to protect the wine from oxygen until it reaches your glass.  Because of the slow-crafted, intentional way that Scout & Cellar vibes are made, they require very little sulfur additions to remain stable.


Q: Which bottles are your favorite?

Become a Scout  & Cellar Consultant- Join My Team!

I became a Scout & Cellar Consultant because I fell in love with the wine. I love that they support a healthier lifestyle and the clean wine complements the #one80eating lifestyle.

I also love that as a consultant you can earn money on your own purchases!  Clean-crafted wine delivered to my doorstep plus extra $?  Sign me up!  If you’re interested in joining my team, email me at suz@carpenterone80.com for more information.

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