A crash course on PROTEIN for women

It is a word we all hear, we know we should have it, but are you unsure as to why it’s so important?


Protein is an amazing piece to the weight loss, weight management, healthy living equation.  Did you know that every single cell in your body contains protein?  It is often marketed for weight loss, and it does do that, but there is so much more.


Look at all the important roles protein plays in your body:

~Repairs and builds body tissue

~Provides tissue structure

~Balances your PH

~Supports your immune system

~Stores and transports nutrients

~Acts as an energy source (protein does choose fat and carbs when available)

~Key to metabolic processes 


(So “sciency” but hang in here with me)


Do you remember in elementary school when you would make the colorful paper chains?  


Protein is like those chains, but are called amino acids. 


Let’s keep this simple to say that our body makes hundreds of these chains, but our body really really likes and uses 22 of them.  Out of those 22 chains, there are 9 that the body cannot make, so you need to supply those.


How do you do it?  Through protein rich foods.  I kept that really elementary, just to get the idea across.  If you want to know more, and I hope you do, the interweb your place to go research.  


Once we get that we need to add in protein rich foods.  You should know that there are complete proteins (meat and animal sources) that have all 9 essential amino acids. There are also incomplete proteins (nuts, legumes) that do not contain all 9.  Keep it simple, eat a variety of meats, seeds, nuts, and beans (if you like them and have the carbs in your budget).


Here is a list of excellent sources of protein for muscle building foods.

  1. Eggs
  2. Cottage Cheese- Cottage cheese contains a protein called casein and is a slow-digesting protein that will keep you full, longer.
  3. Nuts and nut butters- full of protein, fat, & fiber! These are a favorite because they cover the 3 categories and are portable on-the-go snacks.
  4. *Protein Powder-  This is great as a smoothie or to blend into waffled, pancake, biscotti recipes to give it a boost!  This is one of the greatest high-protein snacks in your kitchen.
  5. Lean fish and meat-  Meat and animal proteins contain all 9 essential amino acids that the body needs.  A rotisserie chicken from the grocery store is ready to eat and an easy protein snack or on the go meal.
  6. Chickpeas- A plant-based protein source that is full of fiber to keep you full
  7. Greek Yogurt-  This is higher in protein than other yogurt varieties and lower in net carbohydrates.  Choose plain Greek Yogurt or Good 2 Go brand. 
  8. Seeds:  Hemp, chia, flax contain protein and healthy fats and fiber.  These are a great alternative to protein powder if whey is something you have trouble digesting.


You may hear about whey, concentrate, casein, pea, vegan, or isolate following the word protein.  What is the best or the best for you?


Casein and whey are likely the two most commonly purchased proteins.  Casein because it is slowly absorbed by the body and keeps you full between meals.  Whey is popular because it is quickly broken down and digested.  It is an easy go-to after a workout.  Some protein are a combo of the two.



*If you want your body to perform at its full potential, protein needs to be a part of your daily diet.

*Proteins are the building blocks for your body.

*Eat a variety of protein foods for a balanced intake of amino acids and other minerals and vitamins.

*Consult a registered dietician to help you understand your personal protein intake requirements.

*Try a new recipe, there are several ways to include protein in your daily nutritional program.


Originally posted 2023-06-22 20:20:55.

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