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Finally, Clearing Up Food Confusion
So You Can WIN At Losing Weight



Absolutely NOT! This is about finding food peace, clearing up food confusion, & food education. Abs are made in the kitchen and you cannot outrun your fork. We are teaching to understand what to eat and why for weight loss and weight management. I will share some products that I use but they are not required in any of the Programs.

Absolutely. I will introduce the basics of FOOD, you get to modify this to your lifestyle. We dig into the emotional overeating and unintended consequences that certain types of foods have when it comes to successful weight loss.

Yes! CarpenterOne80 Programs were developed because most people already have a full plate of life. These were designed to fit into peoples’ busy lifestyles.

You can. I encourage black coffee, the trouble is what you are adding to it. As for wine, beer, and spirits, yes! Moderation is the key.

Yes, in moderation. This is not a no-carb lifestyle/diet, its a low-carb. You will understand net-carbs and that in their absence your body will burn fat for fuel. Fiber offsets carbohydrates and has tremendous health benefits, as well as, weight loss and weight management properties.

Working out is not mandatory nor is it part of the weight-loss equation. Work out to be strong, release endorphins, retain lean muscle mass, build community, improve stress relief, etc… We go into this topic in CarpenterOne80 Programs!

You can and should be able to do it anywhere and it is not cost-prohibitive. Traveling and dining out is a big part of most people’s lives. You will be able to follow CarpenterOne80 Eating anywhere you travel. That’s the beauty of living the lifestyle I teach.

You can. There are so many simple options available. Once you get the hang of Protein, Fat, and Fiber at every meal, finding it or preparing it (simply) becomes easy.

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