Finally, Clearing Up Food Confusion
So You Can WIN At Losing Weight

Suz On Your Shoulder (SOS) - $15 Monthly
Suz On Your Shoulder (SOS) - $150 Yearly


SOS is a bite sized nutrition course broken into daily audio messages of what you need to know right now, in the right order to change your life.
Suz On Your Shoulder (SOS) - $15 Monthly
Suz On Your Shoulder (SOS) - $150 Yearly
Face it, too often we leave weight loss and health to randomness. A random tip from a friend, random blog post, random program and that’s why you are frustrated. You aren’t getting results that you want and need. You know you need to do something but feel overwhelmed with where to start and what to do. There is too much information, it’s confusing, and who do you trust?​
That’s why Suz developed “Suz on your Shoulder” (SOS). It’s the simple weight loss program that you have been dreaming of with Suz as your guide. Finally, you have a friend who has been there, helping you get results in this area of your life, at a huge discount.
SOS messages start right now! Then, a new message comes every single day.
This will change your life because SOS teaches you what you need to know to be successful at weight loss.



SOS only takes about 2 minutes of your day and is designed to be SHORT, SIMPLE, & AFFORDABLE. Each day you will receive a 2 minute educational, fun, & inspiring audio text from Suz. By listening to these each day, you will get a full weight loss course in bite size chunks that we call SOS! It takes the guesswork out of weight loss to get you results.


By Subscribing to SOS, you get exclusive access to the CarpenterOne80 Members Portal. As one of the many benefits of being a Member, once a Month, Suz will go LIVE with interactive coaching, teaching on different topics, and answer your burning questions.
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SOS Subscription Includes
Daily Audio Text from Suz
Access to Members Portal
Access to Private Facebook Page
& So Much More!
Members Portal Benefits
Monthly LIVE Teaching Sessions
A Community of Support & Celebration
Access to CarpenterOne80 Journal
Access to Multiple other Resources to help you achieve Your Goals!
Monthly Subscription Option
$15 Per Month
Suz On Your Shoulder (SOS) - $15 Monthly
Yearly Subscription Option
$150 Per Year ($30 Savings)
Suz On Your Shoulder (SOS) - $150 Yearly
  • Eat Carbs
  • Exercise Less
  • Get permanent results
  • Reduce stress
  • Dine out
  • Grocery Shopping
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