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Finally, Clearing Up Food Confusion
So You Can WIN At Losing Weight


Hi There! I’m Suz.

My official titles are teacher, mentor, and consultant. I know good things and I get a kick out of sharing them with others.

I am a Mom of four; Drew, Annie, Daniel, and Erin, and bride to Dave (we call him DKC). I believe you are my best friend until you say otherwise and I love hearing your stories. When not working, I’m on hot dates with DKC, doing yoga or Pure Barre, cheering on my kids at sporting events, puttering in the kitchen, enjoying a good glass of wine, or talking to a friend. I walk fast and talk fast. I love conversations that make you laugh so hard that you wake up the next morning feeling as if you’ve done an intense ab workout. In short, I love people!
Oh, and I clear up food confusion so you can win at losing weight.

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The truth is, I am pursuing my very best life and I want to help you pursue yours! I created CarpenterOne80 to equip people with the tools they need to help them lose weight while living a lifestyle they love. Most people want to lose weight, usually to feel more confident in some area of their life. The problem is, food is everywhere and there are many misconceptions about how to eat, when to eat, or what to eat. That’s what I call food confusion.
There are two problems people face when creating change; one, they don’t have the resources to devote to it and, two, they experience information overload. Here, you choose a program that fits into your already busy life. All you have to do is show up, apply what you learn, and never quit failing forward. You don’t have to figure anything out! I’ll help you with practical advice, real food, and you’ll find food peace with no more confusion.
I can’t stand the idea that people are waiting on weight. Waiting to wear the clothes they love, waiting to stand in the front of the picture, waiting to be IN the picture, waiting on the job or the raise, waiting on the relationship. It must end. You need to live NOW!
I don’t know where you are as you read this. Maybe you want to do something but you’re not sure what. Maybe you need help getting started. Maybe you’re on the verge of burn- out. Wherever you are, I am here for you. More importantly, I want you to know that you can do this. I’ll help you create a plan for success!
CARPENTER: A person who builds, makes, and repairs
ONE: A single decision or action
80: Number of days required to form a solid habit.
That’s CarpenterOne80: A blueprint to turn your life 180 degrees toward the lifestyle you desire!
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“One huge, enthusiastic upvote for Suz. Her recommendations have helped me drop 45 pounds. She isn’t pushing products or recommending unhealthy fads, she’s changing the way you eat one two-minute tip at a time!”




Suz On Your Shoulder (SOS)
Suz On Your Shoulder (SOS)