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Finally, Clearing Up Food Confusion
So You Can WIN At Losing Weight


Finally, Clearing Up Food Confusion
So You Can WIN At Losing Weight



Babysit my plate is about giving you the tools you need to make wise and healthy lifestyle decisions.  Our goal is to help equip you to launch into your best self.


Losing weight and creating a healthy lifestyle can be intimidating.  You are smart and successful in many other areas of your life, which means you can be successful with weight loss as well.

Just like a child that needs a tutor to fill in gaps on a subject & lend extra help in an area of  struggle to get the A in the class, you just need the right tutor to help you be successful with your weight.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to know what to do to get started.  Whether you need to learn more about food basics, why you emotionally sabotage yourself with food, how to order when dining out or traveling, or just need someone to be accountable, this has you covered.  Babysit My Plate is 1:1 with Suz. You will be guided week by week with what you need to know and ultimately do, to have incredible success. This attention and focus will accelerate your results!


What’s included:

  • 4 Weekly One-On-One Sessions per Month
    Each Session to be 30 Mins.
  • “Babysitter Notes” included prior to each session to use as worksheets and reference guides.
  • Personal access to me (text/email) for questions about ordering out or grocery shopping.
  • Additional resources to guide you to success.
Coaching spots are limited to a maximum of 10 Clients at a time. Purchase Now and we will schedule a time within Two Weeks to get Started!. In the event that “My Plate is Full”, please Join the “Weight List” and check out my other Programs while you wait.


Month to Month Commitment Option
$300 Per Month
Babysit My Plate - $300 month to month (cancel at any time)
3 Month Commitment Option
$750 For 3 Month Commitment ($150 Savings)
Babysit My Plate - $250 month 3-month minimum ($750)
6 Month Commitment Option
$1350 For 6 Month Commitment ($450 Savings)
Babysit My Plate - $225 month for 6 month advance purchase (1350)
12 Month Commitment Option
$2400 For 12 Month Commitment ($1200 Savings)
Babysit My Plate - $200 for 12 month advance purchase (2400)


Not ready to commit to Babysit My Plate? Try this crash course so you don’t crash diet! Ask me anything during this 90-minute video call. We can talk about anything that you have specific questions or want special attention on: What groceries to buy, food basics, what to eat and why, organize a simple food plan, how to really read labels, mindsets and impulse eating, roadblocks and sabotages, concerns about dieting forever and how to finally get results. Whatever it is that you need help with most, I am here for you.

What’s included:

  • One 90 Minute One-on-One Tutoring session
  • Email/text support 48 hours following the call
  • 30 minute follow up session 1 month after initial 90 minute session
  • Both Sessions recorded and provided to Client for future reference
  • ”Babysitter Notes” or resources to guide you to success (grocery lists, best fiber finds, printable journal)

 90 Minute Tutoring Session – $250.  

Purchase now and we will schedule a time within two weeks to get started!

90 Minute Course- BMP
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