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Favorite Fall Slow Cooker Dinners

Fall is slow cooker season in my opinion. It’s because it’s delicious, warm, easy, fast and it makes your house smell incredible!

Here are a few of my favorite slow cooker meals that are #One80eating and kid approved!

I now know why the slow cooker or the crock pot is considered a staple in every kitchen since it’s invention. It’s never too late to invest in a good cooker and it will save you time and money every week… not to mention it can save you tremendous amount of calories instead of having to grab takeout when you don’t have something healthy on hand ready to go.

Seriously, the slow cooker is the overextended mom or  lazy girls best friend!

If you’re like me, fall gets busy, and I find I have less time to prepare dinner. This is the time we’re at football games, outdoor shopping, soaking in the south, and don’t want to be in the kitchen all day.   I’ll be real, kids sports mean I have even less time to prepare lunch and dinner each day.


Crockpot-Salsa-Chicken-Recipe-6-of-13-683×1024Salsa chicken recipe

My number one recipe is this healthy chicken dish that has all the deliciousness of Mexican chicken, it’s me with chicken breasts, no fat, and just any jar of salsa.  Here are our favorite serving ideas:


  1. Salsa chicken quesadillas
  2. Salsa chicken bowl with riced cauliflower, Mexican cheese, guac, pico, squeeze of lime, and cilantro
  3. Wraps using Romaine or your favorite wrap with a side of steamed broccoli or roasted vegetable
  4. Salsa chicken scramble with eggs, cauliflower… again you can wrap this in a high-fiber tortilla or make GG sandwiches


IMG_7327Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Bacon

This is restaurant quality and a sure crowd favorite if you like smokey, tangy chops that will melt in your mouth and fork tender.

I love to serve this with my kale salad. Sometimes I will make my faux-tatoes as a side instead of roasted veggies.  This dinner just screams fall!!!

It might be hard to wait for dinner to finish cooking in the crock pot, I suggest cutting up vegetables and making my Ranch Yogurt dip!  This is a great way to begin to offset your appetite!