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How to Dine Out without bringing home the quarantine15

Are you just not ready to dig into the reserves of beans and rice yet?  There are a lot of good take out options available.

As our cities adapt and evolve to combat the Coronavirus, many restaurants are still open for take out and delivery.  In reality, ordering in may help some of our favorite dining spots stay open during this time.

Here are a few of my best tips that I have gathered when ordering takeout.

#TransparentCall the restaurant directly (this saves them fees that they are charged by delivery apps)



#Transparent-2Ask for contact-free delivery (leave it on your front door or in the the apartment lobby)  Toss all takeout food into the microwave for 30 seconds to sterilize the containers and toppings that were touched by others, since the virus dies at 134°.


#Transparent-3Use that 30 seconds to wash your hands.



#Transparent-4Opt for meals that are baked, steamed, or grilled.



#Transparent-5Avoid dishes with words with “Crunchy, loaded, deep fried, crispy, battered, smothered, and drenched”



6Skip the mashed potatoes (go for baked potato)



7Instead of burger and fries, try for bun-less burger with a lettuce wrap



Do your best:

Here are a few tips on how I would order:


  • Hot and Sour Soup or Tofu vegetable soup


  • Steamed Chicken (or beef, tofu or shrimp) with vegetables instead of brown rice.  (Instead of Sesame Chicken… ask for a side of Sesame Chicken Sauce and use a little)


  • Grilled beef satay (put the sauce on the side)


  • Sauteed chicken with broccoli (in garlic sauce)



  • Miso soup, salad (with ginger dressing on the side), Sashimi, handrolls (no rice) and Naruto rolls (wrapped in cucumber).


  • Edamame, Seaweed Salad, 2 skewers of Chicken Yakitori, Tuna roll, California roll



  • Gazpacho
  • Chicken, shrimp, or beef fajitas with peppers, onions, and salsa


  • Chicken tortilla soup (minus tortilla strips)
  • Large Mexican salad (tortilla, dressing,  and cheese on the side) garnish with guacamole and extra salsa or pico ( I mix the two to make a dressing).

Guac is great for healthy fat, but watch your portion size (2 TBSP is a portion)



Who knew that a typical restaurant order of pad thai can be 900 calories.  An easy swap for a noodle or rice based dish would be a “Wok Dish”. A wok dish is basically stir fry vegetables with lean protein.  Ask them to go light on the oil and skip the rice. If you LOVE rice, have some to satisfy the craving and experience and move on.



  • Large salad with shaved parmesan and balsamic vinegar (or vinaigrette) on the side
  • Grilled Fish or lean meat  (I opt for Salmon or Branzino if they have it and I share with DKC)
  • 2-3 sides of vegetables (mushrooms, broccoli, string beans)

If you love the pasta, a serving size would fit into a baby’s food bowl.  Watch the portions!


We have a new normal, hopefully temporary.  We have a health crisis, meaning your health is paramount and you should eat foods that nourish your bodies, now more than ever.  Take care, be careful & be well.


What tips can you offer for dining out?  What are your healthier favorite foods to order in?

Originally posted 2020-03-18 20:14:44.